The Art Of Plant Based Cooking [ 4 Class Bundle ]


The Art Of Plant Based Cooking [ 4 Class Bundle ]


Four Saturday Evenings Of Plant Based RAW & Cooked High Vibe Food!!

Each Class Includes Lecture, Cooking, Sampling, And Dinner ::

Spring Clean I : The Energetics Of Plant Food

Learn How A Beautiful Plant Based Diet Will Transform Your Health & Your Life. Discussing Raw Food, Life Force, And How To Design A Thriving Plant Based Kitchen.

Spring Clean II : Plants & Herbs That Detox

Explore Colorful Foods That Reduce Toxicity & Encourage A Strong Immune System. Especially Helpful To Those Experiencing Chronic Pain Or Other Imbalances.

Spring Clean III : Medicinal Cooking  

Craft Your Meals With Intention - Decrease Inflammation, Heal Your Skin, And Diffuse Stress. Exploring Andean Superfoods, Medicinal Mushrooms, And The Power Of Herbs & Spices.

Spring Clean IIII : Design Your Own Spring Cleanse

Introducing Three Transformational Cleanses For Healing And Thriving. Let What You Eat Pave The Path To A New You While Clearing Cravings & Ditching Old Habits.

Meryl Is A Plant Based Chef, Yoga Instructor, And Educator Studied In Kinesiology And Passionate About Helping People Enhance The Quality Of Their Lives Through Energetic, Life-Giving Foods. She Guides People To Change Their Minds And Habits Around The Basic Need Of Feeding Oneself - Fostering Health, Decreased Incidence Of Dis-Ease, And Personal Empowerment.

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