The Art Of Plant Based Cooking [ one class ]


The Art Of Plant Based Cooking [ one class ]


Four Saturday Evenings of Plant Based RAW & cooked High Vibe Food!!

Each Class includes lecture, cooking, sampling, and dinner ::

Spring Clean I : The Energetics of Plant Food

Learn How a Beautiful Plant Based Diet Will Transform Your Health & Your Life. Discussing raw food, life force, and how to design a thriving plant based kitchen.

Spring Clean II : Plants & Herbs That Detox

Explore Colorful Foods That Reduce Toxicity & Encourage a Strong Immune System. Especially helpful to those experiencing chronic pain or other imbalances.

Spring Clean III : Medicinal Cooking  

Craft your meals with intention - Decrease inflammation, Heal your skin, and Diffuse Stress. Exploring Andean superfoods, medicinal mushrooms, and the power of herbs & spices.

Spring Clean IIII : Design Your Own Spring Cleanse

Introducing Three Transformational Cleanses For Healing and Thriving. Let what you eat pave the path to a new you while clearing cravings & ditching old habits.

Meryl is a Plant Based Chef, Yoga Instructor, and Educator studied in Kinesiology and passionate about helping people enhance the quality of their lives through energetic, life-giving foods. She guides people to change their minds and habits around the basic need of feeding oneself - fostering health, decreased incidence of dis-ease, and personal empowerment.


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