Our bodies are up to 65% water.

Earth's Oceans cover 70% of the planet.

The moon's strong gravitational pull moves the ocean tides AND the water inside our cells.

...We are made of the same light as stars.


Our Program

Living In Awareness Of Earth's Cycles Can Change Everything About Our Ability To Sense And Understand The World Around Us, And The World Within Us. By Putting Ourselves In Connection With Nature's Rhythms, We Find Ourselves An Integral Part Of The Cosmic Design.  Even In Developed Societies Where These Natural Rhythms Are Less Clear, We Can Find Evidence Of The Moon's Fluctuations Effecting Our Bodies And Our Behaviors. A Woman's Menstrual Cycle Is Aligned With The Moon's Cycle - "It Is The Most Basic, Earthly Cycle We Have," Says Christiane Northrup, MD. Research Has Shown That The Moon Governs The Flow Of Fluids (As Ocean Tides And Bodily Fluids) And Effects The Unconscious Mind And Dreams. (1)

During The Cycle Of The Moon Cleanse - We Take Advantage Of The Heightened Energies That Occur During The New Moon Phase. This Phase - When The Moon Is Dark In The Sky - Is About Beginnings: What Would You Like To Create In Your Life? This Is A Period When The Moon Is Empty, Receptive, And Full Of Potential! It Is A Time To Carve Out Sacred Space Within Yourself (To Turn Inward, To Embrace Silence, To Spend More Time Alone Or In Nature) And Listen Intuitively - A Time To Plant Seeds Of Intention For What You Wish To Grow. 


By fasting on the New Moon...

We utilize it's increased action on the body and mind. The New Moon Phase is known as the strongest time to detoxify, as fluids are more easily eliminated & extra water weight is released from places where it may be unnecessarily held.

To maximize this naturally cleansing cycle - we fast on the day of the new moon, and often on the day preceding and proceeding. 


  • 2 potent Green juices

  • 2 charged Nut Milks

  • 1 electrolyte tonic with Activated Charcoal & Bentonite

  • 1 Spirulina infused Coconut Water

We use...

  • Potent Green Juices containing chlorophyll; one of the best sources of raw plant energy we can put into our bodies.
  • Activated Charcoal & Bentonite; used for centuries for their incredible ability to absorb toxins (heavy metals, free radicals, waste, environmental chemicals, and prescription drugs) in our bodies, allowing for removal.
  • Spirulina; a natural blue-green sea algae that is notably high in amino acids (proteins) and chlorophyll, a good source of antioxidants, B-vitamins and other nutrients, and has had proven health benefits - particularly inflammation, metabolism, and brain health.
  • Medicinal Mushrooms and Andean Superfoods to heal, stimulate, and increase energy levels safely and naturally, without caffeine. 
  • Freshly pressed Nut Milks from Almonds & Brazil Nuts, and freshly harvested Young Thai Coconut Water.

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1. ( Hartman, E., 1966. Dreaming Sleep (The D State) And The Menstrual Cycle, Journal Of Nervous And Mental Disease, Vol. 143:406–16; Swanson, E.M., Foulkes, D. 1968. Dream Content And The Menstrual Cycle, Journal Of Nervous And Mental Disease, Vol. 145(5):358–63. - See More At: Http://Www.drnorthrup.com/Wisdom-Of-Menstrual-Cycle/#Sthash.oz8YIOow.dpuf )

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