to restore mind, reenergize body, and rediscover spirit.

the fundamental delusion of human beings is the belief that we exist separately and independently from the rest of the universe.
— reb anderson

r e ( v î v e ) was born from the notion that nature - in all of it's wisdom, completeness, and divine representation - holds the medicine we need right now to live more profoundly, more freely, and in support of the rejuvenation of this planet.

by working for and with the environment, by connecting with nature's signals and perfect organization (the same existing inside of us) we believe we can transcend that which stands in our way to living more clearly - with more health, love, joy and purpose. 

through the teachings of yoga, a plant-based diet, and the practice of regular detoxification [for a clean, balanced system] re ( v î v e ) believes that we can better tap into the magic of our own place in the universe, uncover insight into our dharma, enjoy our greatest health, and contribute to the healing & betterment of the world. 

heal yourself: heal your mother, heal humanity, heal the planet. this is our not-so tiny mission. 

A bit about our retreats:

To retreat is the act of moving back or withdrawing so that we may reintegrate and engage with life more wholly. It's impressive how a retreat - in it's mysterious ability to pause time and collaborate with the elements - can lend so much depth of vision into how we are choosing to spend our lives. In the way nature swirls around us in a place, offering not only it's beauty but it's wisdom [ in a tree, in the air, in a mountain, in a people] and immersing those that have come to share stories of adventure, of love and loss and growth (just the ones we needed to hear) speaking them as if removed : seeing things in ourselves that we hadn't before and finding space and direction where there may have seemed to be closures.

Freedom. Peace. Awe. The lucidity in a slow sunset.

From our first international trip to The Andes of Peru, to Bali, to Central America, The Mojave, and Baja California, we have, from the beginning, sought to create a container - filling it with Earth's dirt and air in it's most important & impressive states, and with like minded souls - ones that seek knowledge, and those who are a bit wild, and all of that which helps to lift our human potential. A ritual practice, food, adventure, and ceremony with the people of each land our the components. Our groups are intimate, and our locations are purposefully chosen for their energetic qualities, culture, and so - their medicine. It was noticed early on the profound effect these trips were having  - people were spurred. When one was healed, as was the other. When we freed ourselves, so freed were our relationships.

Bonds formed, and the doors that opened were important and charged with the spirit of nature: fluid, liberated movement.

When we returned home it was with a greater sense of self, energy, direction - we were inspired. For these reasons and intentions, we humbly and lovingly offer

r e ( v î v e ) retreats.

Vibrant Life Wellness Cleanse testimonies:

"I have done numerous cleanses and detox regimes over the last few years but I have to say, this cleanse was something so different. Laura and Meryl are amazing as support through the process along with the classes that are organized. The support system of those participating in the cleanse with you is inspirational. This was a life changer for me. My eating habits changed dramatically, my personal awareness of life around me became clearer. It was certainly not easy, there were moments when your emotions become so hightened that it was necessary for changes to occur. This is not a cleanse where you go into it for weight loss (although I suppose you could), it is a LIFE cleanse bringing you back to the place that you need to be - Grounded, centered and back in touch with you!" - Jodie

"Today is the first birthday of my "Rebirth" for which I'm eternally grateful. One year ago today [the beginning of the VLWC] was a huge catalyst in gaining my health back, both mentally and physically. I was already a vegetarian, how hard could it be? LOL! During that 21 day period amazing things happened to my body internally. It detoxed me from the inside out in every way through meditation, plant superfoods, Ayurvedic medicine, and Yoga. I was previously diagnosed w/ two bowel diseases, had been on antibiotics, and felt low energy/brain fog. Since the cleanse I've stuck to a Vegan diet with no soy, corn, or gluten - something I never thought possible - and both of my GI doctors are amazed at how well I'm doing. I feel better than I have in decades! I can't thank these two amazing, beautiful, kind, gentle, patient, and loving, women enough. They true, loving healers in every way." - Cynde

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