I am a great admirer of mystery and magic. look at this life – all mystery and magic.

-harry houdini

To retreat is the act of moving back or withdrawing so that we may reintegrate and engage with life more wholly. 

r e ( v î v e ) seeks to connect humans across lines, cultures, and seemingly time - to move outside of ourselves and that which we have come to accept as truth, reality, routine. Each of our retreats are crafted for the integration of the aforementioned, in the spirit of discovery, union, and appreciation of this planet we call home. We work with the globally-minded to motivate a movement of engagement -  encouraging profound participation in a life that breathes oneness, vitality, and love. 

Locations offer powerful energetic qualities, distinct cultural rituals, and particular beauty. Each of our retreat and event centers are carefully chosen for their ecologically sound buildings, sustainable practices, and fresh, native food fair. We collaborate with community run businesses and donate to local charities and organizations, so a portion of your investment will always go back to feeding the local economies. 


TBA, 2019

Spend A Long Weekend With Us In One Of The Most Vibey Places In Southern California - Joshua Tree National Park. This Weekend Is Intended To Be A Beautiful Re-Set, Utilizing The Strong Sensations Of Desert Energy...

JULY 20-27, 2019

Experience Precious Peruvian Culture, Elevate Your Practice, Feed Your Soul With Authentic Foods And Fresh Andean Air, And Discover Yourself Interconnected With The Colorful Layers Of Incan Life. This Retreat Is A Total Immersion...


TBA, AUG 2020

An Authentic Balinese Retreat From The Spiritual Yoga Center Of Ubud, To The Remote Northern Coast Of Bondalem. Stay Four Nights At Naya Bali Ubud To Experience The Heart Of Balinese Art And Culture...



In July of 2017, fifteen beautiful & adventurous souls landed in the city of Cusco - high in the Andes of Peru - where it is said that the kundalini energy of the world currently resides. For eight days and nights, we met and participated in traditional ceremony with local shamans and medicine women - dancing, singing, practicing, and exploring. We experienced more deeply our relationship with the mountains, our ancestors and guides, and one other. We breathed differently and we nourished a fresh 'being-ness' with the magic of the surrounding landscape, the brilliance of the stars at night, the welcoming of our indigenous brothers and sisters of the land, and in the birth of new baby animals. We ate plants, raw cuisine, local healing herbs, and experienced old world ways of living... healing... and ancient methods of cooking and creating. Time slowed down, and we sensed ourselves and our direction in life more clearly, interconnected.